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These BACK TO BUSINESS grants are designed to provide immediate relief to businesses to help them remain in business through the COVID-19 pandemic and prepare for reopening under the guidelines of Forward Virginia. Each Middle Peninsula locality (Gloucester, Mathews, Middlesex, Essex, King and Queen, and the Towns of Tappahannock, Urbanna and West Point) may have slightly different eligibility requirements. When applying, please select the appropriate locality where your business license is permitted.


Participating businesses must certify that expenditures requested for reimbursement were expended to specifically address the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Participating businesses must certify that any cost reimbursement request has not been paid for with any Federal funds associated with COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, if the business has applied for and received Federal aid, please denote the program and how the funding has been used.


To be eligible for these grants a business must be a for-profit business entity with a place of business located in a Middle Peninsula locality (non-profit organizations with employees are welcome to apply and those applications will be forwarded to the localities where they are located for further review);


Funds are meant to reimburse businesses for the costs of business interruption caused by COVID-19. 


The grant can be used for:


  • Outdoor business operations - The cost of constructing of outdoor facilities either temporary (i.e. tents) or permanent to allow service to customers with proper social distancing. 

  • Outdoor seating areas – The cost of conversion of an area, sidewalk, parking lot or open area, adjacent to a dining facility to accommodate additional outdoor seating. 

  • Outdoor seating – The acquisition of chairs, tables and stands for a outdoor seating area. 

  • Signage – Acquisition of signage relating to the operation of the business in accordance with the Covid-19 guidelines.

  • Checkout counter modifications – Installation of screens and buffers to allow for proper social distancing practices.

  • Seating modification or storage – Costs associated with the reduction of seating in public spaces to comply with social distancing guidelines including the costs of storage facilities to store excess seating until the restrictions are lifted.

  • Markings – Costs incurred to cordon off public spaces to conform to social distancing requirements.

  • Computer Hardware – The cost for required computer hardware necessary to support remote work by employees.

  • Software – The costs of software purchased to support remote work by employees or upgrades to existing Internet presence to support expanded e-commerce.

  • Sanitation Station – Installation of enhanced sanitation equipment for employees or customers. 

  • PPE, Personal Protection Equipment – The cost to purchase necessary masks, gloves, face shields or protective garments to protect against the spread of the virus.

  • Sanitation Supplies – The cost of disinfection supplies materials to clean equipment or furnishings as well as supplies necessary for proper hygiene of employees and customers.

  • Disinfection Equipment – Purchase of equipment needed to dispense the disinfection agents.

  • Disinfection Contracts – The cost of contracts for the disinfection of facilities and equipment necessary for operation of the businesses.

  • Gloucester County Businesses Only - Past Due Rent or Mortgage Payment (up to $2,500 per month for April, May, June, July, August and/or September)


The grant can NOT be used for:


  • Personnel – The salaries, fringe and related costs of permanent or part-time staff required to operate the business.

  • Lost Revenues – The costs to the business related to the loss of revenues from lack of sales, cancelation of orders or cancelation of contracts.

  • Normal Operating Expenses – The cost of rent payments, utilities, mortgage payments, insurance, etc.

  • Gloucester County businesses may request assistance for past due rent or mortgage payments.


The following businesses are eligible to apply for cost reimbursement as a result of impact from the Governor’s Executive Orders: 


Executive Order 53

  • Grocery stores, pharmacies, and other retailers that sell food and beverage products or pharmacy products, including dollar stores, and department stores with grocery or pharmacy operations;

  • Medical, laboratory, and vision supply retailers;

  • Electronic retailers that sell or service cell phones, computers, tablets, and other communications technology;

  • Automotive parts, accessories, and tire retailers as well as automotive repair facilities;

  • Home improvement, hardware, building material, and building supply retailers;

  • Lawn and garden equipment retailers;

  • Beer, wine, and liquor stores;

  • Retail functions of gas stations and convenience stores;

  • Retail located within health care facilities;

  • Banks and other financial institutions with retail functions;

  • Pet and feed stores; 

  • Printing and office supply stores; 

  • Laundromats and dry cleaners;

  • Professional rather than retail services; 

  • Day care providers;

  • Brick and Mortar Retail;

  • Health care facilities and providers including nursing homes and assisted living facilities; 

  • Lodging facilities – hotels, motels and bed and breakfast businesses providing overnight lodging;


Executive Order 61

  • Restaurants, dining establishments, food courts breweries, microbreweries, distilleries, wineries, and tasting rooms; and 

  • Farmers markets;

  • Agriculture businesses serving the public; 

  • Seafood, aquaculture or fishing businesses serving the public.

  • Brick and Mortar Retail;

  • Fitness and Exercise Facilities;

  • Personal Care and Grooming Services; and

  • Campgrounds and Summer Camps.


Businesses allowed reopening with restrictions by Executive Orders issued after June 15, 2020.


Applicants will be required to demonstrate that they are eligible, that they were operational pre-COVID-19, and that they are suffering negative impacts from COVID-19 closures. 


Applicants will be asked to provide a current Business License and a Statement of COVID-19 Financial Impact.

To read through the Executive Orders related to this grant program, visit

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